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Dear Mr. Simmons, Thank you for your help with my nook. You were very kind, patient, and efficient.. The Library is fortunate to have you there to assist customers. My sincere thanks. Sincerely, Thomasina Taylor

"Thank you to librarians devoted to community. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night"...no, I'm not talking about our postal service, although they deserve praise as well. This well-known phrase apparently applies to our library as well, specifically the bookmobile. Every couple weeks, the bookmobile stops at the community center in Rembert. Yesterday while at the gas station across the street, I saw the bookmobile arrive despite all the snow and ice still on the ground. I watched it circle around, trying to figure out if it could make it down the hill to the community center, and apparently decided it could not. It parked in the gas station parking lot, and I thought that was the end of it. A few minutes later, I see a young lady emerge, bags of books in her hands. She then preceded to walk across the street, down the snow-covered hill, to hand deliver the books since the bookmobile could not make its way down. So to that young lady, and all the other librarians who got out in the snow to go to work so the rest of us can curl up by the fire with a good book, thanks. We appreciate you!"

"What a great website the Library has.  I can't believe the large number of programs you have there.  A very active and informative Library with lots of pictures for everyone to see."

"The Wesmark Branch provides a terrific service to patrons and the community and I applaud the hours the library is open on Sundays and Monday and Tuesday nights."

"The Wesmark Branch does a good service for the community and [I don't] mind paying fines because it's one way to help support the library. I don't know what I would do without the library."

"Thank you for having computers. My child would not have gotten her homework done if not for Sumter County Library."

"My family and I came to your library a couple of months ago to fill out a form on the computer for my daughter...the person at the computer desk was a godsend. She was patient and kind and helpful and it’s partly because of her and the help she gave my daughter with the financial aid form that my daughter is going to college."

"I am proud that the Sumter County Library system provides such top-notch service and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I definitely feel my tax dollars are well spent."

"You saved my family for 2 years after we moved back here and were going through divorce. Three school-aged children, a crashed, old computer and no room for Virtual Tour in the budget. Thank goodness for the Sumter County Library for being there. Thank you!"


Director Robert Harden

Director Robert Harden

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