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Deanna Anderson

Deanna Anderson is an independent author of short stories, prompt journals, and her new series "Make Each Moment," is a self-help guide for getting the most out of life. She has made Sumter her home for the past fifteen years and in addition to her books she has freelanced articles for Lakeside Magazine, the Sumter Item, and Sumter Living magazine. Married and the mom of two daughters she divides her time between writing, family, and attending community events.


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Make Each Moment A Memory

Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, make it more memorable by living in that moment. Breathe in the surroundings, soak up the culture, stop and look around every once in a while, experience life with all of your senses.

Make Each Moment A Memory gives you permission to take a selfie, get in the group photo, try the free sample, get involved, send postcards, collect memorabilia, hug the furry mascot, to take lots of pictures. But most of all, to have fun. Make Each Moment a Memory is a guide filled with tips and advice, to make each moment a memory.

Based on the blog "A Mile in My Shoes" @theresnothingtodo on Facebook. #MemoryMoments



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Twisted Worlds

We all live in our own little worlds. Twisted as they may be. In this anthology Anderson takes readers into worlds of curses, imperfect people, shattered dreams, and obsessions.

A young woman lives with a curse passed down from Medusa...an obsession with a stuffed animal leads to a deadly end...an author learns the value of disclaimers in fiction books...an aspiring actress discovers life isn't so grand at the Red Carpet.






Kim Anderson

Kimberly Griffith Anderson

The author, Kimberly Griffith Anderson, resides in Rock Hill, SC. She is the mother of 2 sons and is married to Troy Massey. Her name is actually Kimberly Griffith Massey. For publishing purposes she uses her former last name, Anderson.

The author is from Sumter, SC and attended Clemson University as a Biological Sciences major, she has a Master of Education in Instructional Technology, and holds National Board Teacher Certification. Kimberly has always had a love for writing. She has lots of writings saved, and writes nearly everyday. For this reason, people who know her as an educator think she must be an English-Language Arts teacher, but her actual content area is Science.

Kimberly has taught Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry at the high school level since 1998. Currently, she is the K-12 Science Instructional Specialist for her local school district. Her job is to help the teachers in the district to understand and teach the science standards set by the state of South Carolina.

As far as her writing, Kimberly had a story on her heart since high school that she thought would one day make a great book. That book is Good Girl. It was finally written in 2006 and published in 2008. A few days following the completion of Good Girl, she decided to add one final chapter which was actually quite long…that chapter is the sequel, Single Dad 19. Kimberly thought these would be her only books, but as you can see, there are more, and she has a tendency to write in twos!

A common theme in Kimberly’s novels is a main character who is a Christian struggling in some aspect of their walk with God. Her characters allow Satan’s influence to cause them to sin in a major way. Later they realize the error of their ways and try to get right with God once again. This is common practice among the human race. We do things we know we shouldn’t do, or we dabble in something we know we should shun and it swallows us whole. It is Kimberly’s hope that her readers will learn from the mistakes of her characters so they don’t have to experience the anguish of sin for themselves.


Website | www.kimberlyga.com


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Turn North

It was the scripture sections of the Girls' and Guys' Guide to Abstinence that prompted this devotional. Since 2014, I've attended Bible Study Fellowship. I've really learned a lot--so much that I had to share it in devotional form.

This is my first 30-Day Devotional and Journal. This devotional is for the beginner. It's for the person who knows a little about God, but wants to know more. It's for the person who finds scripture difficult to understand. The devotional contains 30 select verses each with an easy-to-understand explanation.




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A Girls' Guide to Abstinence

With 16 years of experience teaching high school students, Kimberly has worked with countless students in trouble because of their sexual behaviors. The brief conversations did not do the topic justice. She gives the whole story in A Girls' Guide to Abstinence intended for girls and young women ages 15 and up.

Even if you think you’ve heard it all, read this book about abstinence. It is written by a Christian woman who taught high school Biology for many years! This book tells the truth from a unique perspective. There are informational chapters as well as personal accounts to aid in your understanding. You may have your mind set, but read this book so that the decisions you make will be informed decisions.




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A Guys' Guide to Abstinence

​​Yes, abstinence is for guys, too! In this book abstinence gets more than a mere mention. Through both nonfictional chapters and short stories the need for good judgment, morality, self-control are explained.

Even if you think you’ve heard it all, read this book about abstinence. It is written by a Christian woman who taught high school Biology for many years! This book tells the truth from a unique perspective. There are informational chapters as well as personal accounts to aid in your understanding. You may have your mind set, but read this book so that the decisions you make will be informed decisions.




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But I Love My Husband

For Kori and Walton, marriage is great-for the most part. They are happy, fulfilled, and totally committed to one another. It is when they have a houseguest that their small problems become large. This stress become most difficult to bear, and they wonder if prayer and commitment are enough to save their marriage from demise.






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But We're Not Married

Walton and Kori are now Pastor and First Lady of St. Matthew Baptist Church. They are raising their daughter and son in Charlotte, North Carolina. These two hardly have time to sort though the mess Walton inadvertently creates in the church. Without divulging their own past (and present) marriage issues, they hope that counseling and prayer will mend the troubled marriages of several members of their church..






Janie De Coster

Jean Bell

Jean Bell writes from experience. She worked for more than twenty years in the prison system, dealing with issues that dominate the news today: risk-assessment of pedophiles, tracking gang activities, and escape prevention and apprehension. In her last job before retirement, she was in charge of security at her state’s largest maximum security prison.

An award-winning writer of essays and short fiction, Prison Grits is her first collection of short stories. She is currently at work on her second book, which also has a prison setting. Jean and her husband, a retired college professor, live in South Carolina. They have two grown children, and one grandchild.



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Prison Grits

Prison Grits chronicles the escapades of three women who stumble into prison work. They find that a big prison in a small southern town provides a numbe of opportunities for ladies looking for work. But not all of those opportunities turn out well. Riots, escapes, assaults, and corruption make these jobs way too interesting for some of the ladies in town.

Mrs. Kelly is a widow with a smart mouth, no money, and a love for glitter. She worries that she’s too old to supervise young inmates in a prison cafeteria, but she finds out that the inmates aren’t the only ones who are up to no good.

Faith Miller is a very strange librarian who uses her prison job to avenge her past. In the process, she creates problems for everyone, even the local Chamber of Commerce.

Wilma’s personal life with a suicidal mother and a violent husband makes her an expert on bad luck and bad choices. The mistakes she makes in her security job place her freedom at great risk. She then discovers a world of redemption and multiple second chances.

While on the job, each lady responds differently to the drama of the prison. And along the way, they learn a little more about themselves.






Janie De Coster

Travis Lamar

Travis Lamar is a young artist from Huger, South Carolina. He has received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education from The University of South Carolina. He continued to pursue his love for education and received his Masters of Education in Counselor Education as well as an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from SC State University.

Travis Lamar aims to inspire and motivate everyone that he comes into contact with. He enjoys reading, writing, music, counseling, and working on his newly launched podcast “Lets Be Real”. Travis resides in South Carolina with his 7 year old American Pit Bull Terrier Egypt Lee.


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The Adventures of Egypt Lee:
Egypt Goes for a Walk

Join the young American Bulldog Terrier Egypt Lee as she embarks on her many adventures. In Egypt Goes for a Walk, you will follow Egypt and her parents as they head to the park and learn about the way of life. Egypt will learn many important values of life, and she will lead to inspire all that follows her including you!






Janie De Coster

Pamela Levi

Pamela Levi (Author Pamela Brown) was born in Blytheville, Arkansas, and traveled extensively as a result of her father being in the military. Pamela has lived in Puerto Rico, Japan, as well as Michigan, Colorado and South Carolina, where she makes her home.

After graduating from high school in Sumter, South Carolina, Pamela got married and began a family. A divorce was a motivating factor in her charging into the business world in order to raise her two children, Kelly and Brian.

Pamela’s love for children's literature began in the fifth grade when her teacher, Mr. Mussleman, instructed the class to write a story. Pamela ended up writing the best story and was asked to read it to the kindergarten class. Many years later, her love for reading would surface again as she read to her children and would eventually spark her interest in writing stories. This time she wrote stories for her own children who loved the many characters she came up with. Barnyard Buddies I & II are the fruit of these long sessions with her children.

Author Pamela Brown has visited numerous schools, colleges and bookstores to give readings and workshops and she has received very successful results from children who overwhelmingly love "Barnyard Buddies" and the cast of its many characters.

Over the years, her passion for writing became more evident as Pamela wrote for several magazines and newspapers. Her love for food encouraged her to become a food critic and had a food column in several different publications in South Carolina and Colorado. Pamela had an advice column on line with several thousand followers and her passion for writing still continues.


Farmer Fred

Farmer Fred and his wife, Lori are in reality Fred and Lori Levi, the parents of Pamela Levi, (Author Pamela Brown) of Barnyard Buddies I and II.

Fred Levi was born in Zirconia, North Carolina and worked on his cousin’s farm from the age of thirteen until he joined the United States Air Force at the age of eighteen. Lori Levi (Owens) was born in Greer, South Carolina and was considered a ‘city’ girl when she met Fred. In 1959 they married and eventually had three children.

Upon retirement from the Air Force in 1977, they made Sumter their home for twelve years. Then in 1992 they bought 20 acres of land in Silver, South Carolina, became farmers, and named their farm Shiloh Acres, which means “House of Peace”.

Farmer Fred and his wife Lori began buying animals for their farm, starting with cattle and goats. Then there were dogs, cats, rabbits, a horse and many more animals living at Shiloh Acres. Farmer Fred grew many acres of hay to help feed his farm animals.

Due to health issues, Farmer Fred and his wife Lori sold the farm in 2007 and moved back to Sumter. Today, the two are retired enjoying life and each other.


They are the true stars of Barnyard Buddies I and II and their experiences on the farm are re-created in these two books.


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Barnyard Buddies I

This book is a wonderful collection of thirteen stories for children, written with a focus on character development. Teachers and parents alike can use this collection to teach children valuable lessons about life while instilling good values and morals. The engaging illustrations entice children to these heartfelt stories with animals as the main characters.


--- "Barnyard Buddies provides elementary students with easily identifiable situations for discussion. When students meet Dudley Duck, they can quickly identify his dilemma and make the association with their own individual situations. Dudley's situation becomes the conversation topic and allows teachers and students to lift the level of discussion without blame."

……….Camille S. Nairn, South Carolina character educator

--- "...The summary questions at the end of each story lend an additional feature to this series, incorporating basic comprehension skills fundamental to educational success."

……..Kathy T. Anderson, elementary educator




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Barnyard Buddies II

This book is the second in a series of thirteen additional stories for children as told from the point of view of animals on a farm. Both books are filled with a cast of creative creatures both engaging and educational.


--- "The stories in this series are delightful. They are wise little fables, and I found them fabulous."

……Robert Morgan, author of This Rock and GapCreek

--- "...Children's literature which emphasizes good character development is a welcome addition to educators' as well as parents' resources. Extremely good lessons can be discussed and learned within the framework of a story, which children might not otherwise comprehend."

…..Susan McCravy, elementary school teacher





Janie De Coster

Mary L. Ingram McGill

She is an inspiration to many and enjoys the gift God has given her. Mary is the wife of James McGill and the mother of James Jr. and Aiyande McGill. Mary never dreamed of being an Author nor having the ability to communicate and motivate others so easily.

She is employed with the Sumter School District as an Educator at heart. She graduated from Mayewood High School (1989), Morris College (2009) and has certifications as a GCDF and Human Service Practitioner. She loves helping disheartened ones, especially children.

Mary realized 25 years ago, children are in search of someone they can trust and are comfortable talking to. The kids found that in her. She does NOT have to knock on their steel doors! The kids give her the key. The novels are intended to help children “individuals” cope with the differences life brings. Many people have called Mary telling her of their life changing experiences accrediting it to her novels.

Mary has also created a puppet (Wilnon) and 8 friends that she will be sharing with children “throughout the world” because “the friends” could make a world of difference in their lives. She plans to write a series of children books to captivate their hearts and minds creating them into a productive citizen.

Mary gives God all the credit because she knows without him, she could do nothing. The genres of the novels are inspirational and realistic fiction. It is written so the reader can place “themselves” or “other known individuals” in the story. There is a strong sense of emotion and visualization. The stories are very interpersonal and are intended for pre teens and adults.



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A Memoir of a Life Revealed

8 year old Joshua is not happy at home! He is struggling in school and has big dreams and not a clue as to how he will become the person he wants to be. He needs a friend! Better yet, he really needs someone to hold his hand on the 17 year journey. Will that person be you?





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Joshua’s Haven

Joshua continues to stress the importance of wanting, needing, and having someone of importance. The families NEVER know what may happen until … it happens. Just because it hadn’t happen to you … does not mean it won’t! Prepare yourself and be mind ready because you never know what may happen. What you see is NOT always what you get!





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Living In Existence

This saga is of a family’s life and the struggles encountered through hardships. The struggles are forced by nature and only the strong can survive. If you know Job, you will understand. Suffering? It produces “character” in you and turns you into someone new. It allows you to identify “you” and turns you into a believer. Suffering causes one to depend on someone. It’s a wakeup call and gets your attention!!!

Everything is not going to be revealed at once. Is there such a thing as eternal joy? Will the family find happiness and security? Faith moves mountains, what are you moving?







Keishan M. Scott

Minister, singer, and accomplished author, Keishan Scott, 16, is a young man of vision, ambition, and spirituality. A classic example of the anointing operating in Scott’s life, is when he was just 6, he was called by God in prayer into the gospel ministry; now having have preached for more than half of his life – 8 years. Within those 8 years, scripture has manifested that “A Child shall lead them."

Minister Keishan Scott is a native of Bishopville, South Carolina, was born on December 2, 2000 to Tiffany and Lashan Scott.

When he was just 13, his first published book, “Keys to The Kingdom: Get Your Kingdom Keys and Receive Power” appeared in the top 60% percentile of books purchased on Amazon. Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and bookstores worldwide, “Keys to The Kingdom” (2013), has and continues to resound and minister in encouraging ways to thousands of diverse individuals, both nationally and internationally. Since then, Scott has written and published another book entitled “Purpose Awakening” (Released in 2016) which helps individuals discover and awaken their true meaning and purpose for life, and to reach their destiny in God. This book appeared as a #1 Bestseller in Self-Help books on Amazon. Purpose Awakening serves as an interactive guideline to discovering who you really are in life to maximize your life to its fullest potential.


Minister Keishan Scott is a licensed Minister under Grace Cathedral Christian Fellowship and Apostle Sammy C. Smith. He serves in ministry at Grace Cathedral Ministries Sumter, SC under Bishop Anthony Gibson.


Website | www.keishanscott.com


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Keys to The Kingdom

If God said it, then it is DONE! Going from the PIT to the PALACE is another way to receive Keys To The Kingdom. Once set in motion you have went down for the last time there is only one way to go and that is up!

There are Key Points in Keys To The Kingdom you must know to obtain a profound relationship with The Holy Spirit. And, once obtained then you will gain Keys To The Kingdom. Once what was complicated is now easily accessed. A book inspired by God from the heart of a 11 year old Minister and a child shall lead them!



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Purpose Awakening:
Step Into Your Purpose

Have you ever wondered why others seem to achieve their full potential in God, but often you seem to miss the mark? If your answer is yes, prayerfully reading this book will shed light on your current situation, helping you obtain the goals and purposes for your life, enabling you to produce greater results in God.

This book will help equip you in the areas of

(1) Spiritual birthing process,
(2) Natural birthing process, and..
(3) Seasons of preparation.

If you are looking for a book that will challenge you in the areas of discovering your why in life, or to thrust you into a position to of understanding your motives for existence, prayerfully reading this book will allow you to unleash your potential and to maximize your life.