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The Sumter County Library is proud to be a member of the Palmetto Library Consortium. The consortium, in addition to Sumter County, includes Georgetown, Darlington, Dillon, Marion and Marlboro Counties.

These six county libraries have joined to share resources between our various communities. The Palmetto Library Consortium makes available materials from all member libraries to their respective library patrons.

The Palmetto Consortium has a shared library catalog in which items from all member libraries can be accessed. When searching within the Sumter County Library catalog, you will be able to see which items are available locally (within the Sumter County Library) or items located system wide (within the other libraries).

If the Sumter County Library does not own an item you may request it from one of the other Palmetto Consortium members. Request forms are available at the Circulation or Reference Desk.

 The Palmetto Library Consortium is a valuable service for patrons in all six counties -  its shared resources make available far more materials than any single member would be able to provide.

Palmetto Library Consortium Borrowing

Return/Renew Policy:

Item(s) borrowed through ILL is/are returned to the owning library on time and in good condition.  Items can only be renewed after verification that the item has no holds at the lending library and renewals should reflect the owning library’s renewal limit policy.

NOTE: Items must have been owned by the lending library for six months before they can be requested through interlibrary loan.

Items not loaned are:

1. Items with a status of Cataloging

2.  Items that have a high rate of being lost, items that the branch deems rare or books/documents deemed not able to survive the transfer process will not be sent.

 3.  Any book with a standing hold list for the owning county will not be sent immediately.  The ILL request will be moved to the bottom of the list and sent after the home county patrons are satisfied.

Patron Responsibilities:

Any patron wishing to borrow materials through interlibrary loan must have a library card issued from one of the Palmetto Consortium Libraries.

Although a patron may use his/her library card to borrow material from any library in the consortium, all ILL requests should be made from the patron’s county (home) library system.

Map of Palmetto Consortium Members




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